Purchase-to-Pay, Rio Tinto

I have been using Orange over the past 2 years as my primary agency for recruiting candidates in our Purchase-To-Pay organisation. Orange has been able to constantly provide me with prime candidates with all the necessary qualifications and skills which allows them deliver on expectations from the first day of their engagement.  The team is also quick to react to feedback when candidates are not at the level required for the available positions. Supply Chain skills and experience is always in shortage, but Orange always seems to find the right candidates with our added requirement for foreign language capabilities. I am absolutely comfortable recommending other companies to make use of the services provided by Orange.

Johan de Jager
Purchase-to-Pay, Rio Tinto


A new business unit was set up within Openserve called Contract Management and Supplier Relationship Management. I was tasked to employ ten resources as this was a new unit which required a very specialised skillsets which we unfortunately could not find within our organisation. We tried various recruitment sources (LinkedIn, Advertisements, recruiters etc.) in order to find appropriate candidates. For months it was a struggle as the calibre of candidates we were receiving were poor at best. Luckily I was informed by a colleague of mine to make contact with the ladies from Orange recruiting which I did. What a saving grace this was for me. I was met by a professional group of ladies from Orange who made the time to meet me and truly understand my recruitment needs. This made me already feel very positive about them as these days people’s idea of recruitment is to find someone on LinkedIn send them an email with the JD and then send them for the interview. Orange made my concerns theirs and went the extra mile in securing quality candidates. With them it’s all about quality and not quantity and therefore it did not take me long to fill my team with the candidates I required.

Michael John Lӧtter
Senior Manager: Contract & Commercial Management, Telkom